Madtale | Add S+ Rapunzel To Your Team!

Dear Adventurers, the new S+ partner Rapunzel is coming! 💚
Recruitment Event: Long-Haired Girl on the Tall Tower is about to start! The chance to get the new S+ Epic Partner—Rapunzel, will be increased during the event!
📅Event Time: 00:00, 2023/04/08 (UTC+0)–23:59, 2023/04/14 (UTC+0)
📌Event Info
1. New Partner Rapunzel
When obtaining an Epic Partner from Recruitment, there is a higher chance of getting Rapunzel!
2. Luminous Dreamland
Recruit Partners for a certain number of times to get a huge amount of Miraculous Matches, Elite Life Federation Partner Cards, Hero's Proofs and other valuable items!
3. Flickering Candlelight
Highly discounted recruitment packs are available for a limited time! Up to 1200% discount awaits you! A small recharge will grant you a huge amount of Miraculous Matches, Diamonds, Memory Essences and other valuable items!
4. 7-Day Sign-in Event
During the event, log in to the game for 7 days to claim a huge amount of Miraculous Matches, Diamonds and other valuable items!
5. Rapunzel Growth Pack
Once you have obtained Rapunzel, you can unlock access to the Growth Pack. Promote the quality of Rapunzel to unlock the eligibility to purchase the highly discounted packs!
*Please notice that the event will be only available in S1, S2, S3, and S4. For Adventurers in S5, you can still summon Rapunzel in the Clock Tower!
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