Top 10 tower defense Games of the Week on TapTap | Week47 2023

Hey, gamers! It’s Friday, 2023/11/24. We’re back with a highly-anticipated video where we’re going to rank the ultimate top 10 tower defense games of Week47 on TapTap. We’ve scoured through the best games of the week and compiled our list to give you a guide to the most amazing games you should definitely play.
Kicking off at number 10, we have Bloons TD Battles 2, a tower defense game that offers an incredible Gameplay experience that you just can't miss.
From the creators of Bloons TD 6 comes a brand new installment of the top-rated head-to-head tower defense game
Coming in at number 9, we have Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion Lost Stories, a tower defense game that will blow your mind with its Gameplay.
This is a community game adapted from the automatic drawing "Lelouch of the Rebellion".The content of the game has not yet been made public.
Our next pick at number 8, we have Battle Towers-Tower Defense TD, a tower defense game that delivers an unforgettable experience with its Gameplay.
Battle Towers-Tower Defense TD is a combination of Tower Defense and RPG-style chariot fortress battle game, in this fantasy world, you will become the Lord of your castle, defend your castle from enemies, and capture new territory Battle Towers-Tower Defense TD focuses more on player split-time than the average heavy strategy mobile game Brief and wonderful battle play has manual operation, semi-automatic operation, fully automatic operation mode, can let the player anytime and anywhere fun game!
Sliding into number 7, we have Refactor, a tower defense game that truly stands out with its Gameplay.
Steam Link: Refactor is a rogue-lite tower defense game where you have to make many strategic choices as you face enemies’ waves, with the level-up will force you to make strategic decisions with real-time tactics In this rogue-lite TD game, come and use your strategy to build turrets and plan the routes freely!
Our pick at number 6 is Candy Disaster, a tower defense game that offers a unique and captivating Gameplay experience that you won't find anywhere else.
“Candy Disaster" is a 3D tower defense strategy game where monsters will exhaust every possible route to loot your candies, and you need to select, place and move traps to keep the candies safe from enemies! There are also random monsters in the endless mode to fill the game with new surprises every time you play!
Breaking into the top 5, we have The Immortal Mayor, a tower defense game that has it all - incredible Gameplay that will leave you wanting more.
In addition, this game also provides hundreds of unique decorations, each with its own style
At number 4, we have Dwerve, a tower defense game that is a true masterpiece, offering a Gameplay experience that you won't soon forget.
Our pick at number 3 is Boom Beach: Frontlines, a tower defense game that will blow your mind with its incredible Gameplay.
Boom Beach: Frontlines is a Strategy,Shooter,Multiplayer game. Huge 9v9 Battles in the Boomuda Triangle!From Space Ape Games and Supercell comes a brand new strategic 9v9 multiplayer action game!Squad up with your friends or go at it alone.Drive a Tank into the enemy Base or sneak in with a Sniper!Take control of your Troops and Vehicles and set your Defenses in fast-paced battles of strategy, team play, and tactics!Download for Free Today!Huge Team Battles!Jump into massive team battles!Use teamwork, tactics, and strategy to outwit and outplay your ...
The runner-up at number 2 is Arknights, a tower defense game that offers an immersive Gameplay experience that will leave you speechless.
・Gorgeous anime-style game with a perfect combination of RPG and strategy elements ・Hundreds of unique Operators across a variety of classes open up countless gameplay options ・Auto Deploy system conveniently allows you to free up your hands ・Carve out a home, just the way you want it, with the Base construction system ・A robust soundtrack and some of the most famous Japanese voice actors and actresses will give you a sublime auditory experience.Permission: WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and ...
And finally, our number 1 top must-play game of week47 is Haunted Dorm, a tower defense game that is a true masterpiece, offering an incredible Gameplay experience that will keep you coming back for more.
【Game features】 - Opposing tower defense game, you can freely choose the camp.-Varieties modes of play, different kinds of perspectives such as fierce ghosts, puppets and dreamer, bring fresh experience.-Creative equipment/buildings, multiple ways to win the game.
And there you have it, folks, our ultimate top 10 tower defense games of Week47 on TapTap. Let us know in the comments which games you agree with and which games you think should’ve made the list. And don’t forget to like and subscribe for more amazing gaming content. Thanks for watching, and we’ll see you in the next video!
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