Ashfall Post-CBT Q&A

Hi everyone, I'm Tree, the producer of Ashfall.
Thank you all for participating in the closed beta test. Your invaluable feedback has helped us identify many in-game issues and guided us toward the right path for future development. Moving forward, we will conduct a new round of refinements on the current version. After that, a new test is scheduled to kick off in December this year or January next year.
Below are some of the frequently asked questions from our community, and I'm more than delighted to address them today.
1. Gameplay Focus
1.1 What's the focus of Ashfall in terms of gameplay?
A: Drawing from our team's talents, enthusiasm, and, of course, the input from our players, our objective is to craft a unique looter shooter experience. Ashfall features many sandbox-based levels rather than one open world in a strict sense. In essence, it's a blend of single-player RPG elements, multi-player co-op dungeons, and an expansive explorable world spanning a colossal area of over 200 square kilometers.
1.2 Co-op and competition plans? Will there be more PvP or co-op features?  (Specifically, limited dungeon runs; team-based instances or PvP competition in which matchmaking is unavailable.)
A: In the current version, we have multi-player dungeons (3-member team), Guild Secret Realms (5-guildmate team), and PvP activities (4 12-member teams). It's recommended to team up with your friends. Meanwhile, matchmaking is also an available option. We are looking into adding more multi-player features. For example, weekend activities that require teams to compete in racing or hunting.
1.3 What's the server mechanic? Are all the players on the same server like in World of Warcraft? Does the server limit the number of concurrent online players like in GTA Online? Or players can only interact with one another in certain activities?
A: Team matchmaking in PvP competition and multi-player dungeons is performed cross-server. So yes, in essence, all the players are on the same server. However, when it comes to the Guild and Market features, cross-server is disabled. This is mainly due to the concurrent ecosystem and price index varying between servers. At an appropriate stage, we will consider incorporating features focused on server-based competition or collaboration.
1.4 Is it an open world (as described in the trailer)?
A: Ashfall features many sandbox-based levels rather than one open world in a strict sense. We aim to blend together the elements of single-player RPG, multi-player dungeons, and expansive exploratory regions to create a diverse and unique gaming experience. That's why the sandbox-based levels structure is better suited for this design. In Ashfall, you can explore expansive open-ended Secret Realms spanning a colossal area of over 200 square kilometers. It offers the same freedom as an open world. There's more variation in environment and combat, as well as richer rewards.
2. Localization
2.1 Can we filter language in the World chat?
A: We will add an Auto-Translate button to the World chat interface.
2.2 Will there be English voiceovers?
A: We'll provide full English voiceovers in the upcoming test. We've received various suggestions concerning chat functionality, and we're taking them seriously into consideration.
3. Gameplay Optimizations
3.1 Any plans to improve the shooting feedback?
A: We will continue to reduce the recoil of certain firearms, especially those acquired in the early game, to enhance accuracy and the overall shooting experience. As players progress into the mid-to-late game, they'll have the opportunity to further fine-tune their shooting experience through a wide range of weapon attachments at their disposal.
3.2 Any plans on weapon attachments? Are they obtainable through PvP activities only?
A: We will create more sources for weapon attachments. They won't be PvP exclusives.
3.3 Can you add actions such as crouching and jumping? (These can greatly enhance the depth, playability, and freedom of movement in my opinion.)
A: We are taking these suggestions into serious consideration. In fact, we are working on climbing. The primary challenge lies in that, for the mobile version, putting too many action buttons on the UI could lead to frequent mistouches. We are exploring solutions to resolve these problems.
3.4 Can you add more side content that grants EXP? (There's a level limit for accepting some main quests. Sometimes you just can't meet the level requirement even after completing all the side quests you can find.)
A: We will increase the EXP gained from Secret Realms. This way, you can gain the EXP you need to proceed to the next main quest.
3.5 Will there be classic Tank/DPS/Healer roles? (I'm expecting engineer and medic.)
A: When players reach around Lv 30, various roles or playstyles will emerge. Some playstyles involve equipping heavy armor, which leans toward Tanks. Meanwhile, auto rifle and sniper rifle wielders can be DPS specialists. In the mid-game, through certain Life Skills, players can craft healing instruments that heal multiple allies. Our team actually had serious discussions about whether specialized Healers are needed. But we eventually came to the conclusion that, as a shooting game, Ashfall should focus on the main fun—shooting. Meanwhile, healing capabilities can be provided through crafting certain items.Additionally, in the next test, we will optimize how talents are presented so that players can be aware of the various tactical style choices available early on.
3.6 Can you make the companion AI smarter?
A: We completely agree with requests like this and will look into how to make it happen.
3.7 Can you add a visible EXP progress bar for armor and weapon skill levels?
A: We will implement a visual representation so that players can clearly see the status of these levels.
3.8 The current Stamina system limits playtime. Please fix it.
A: The goal of this design is to reduce the overall length of playtime and avoid putting too much pressure on players who don't have that much time to play. That said, we will make adjustments based on player activity and relevant data.
3.9 Can you add a Ping feature with which you can mark a destination on the mini-map?
A: Yes, this feature will be available in the future.
4. Art and Graphics
4.1 What style will the accessories and cosmetics have? (I hope there will be more minimalist, post-apocalyptic designs; please reduce flashy and colorful designs as they disrupt the atmosphere of the harsh environment in a post-apocalyptic wasteland.)
A: The post-apocalyptic wasteland is a culture with its unique aesthetics. We are enthusiasts of the post-apocalyptic wasteland culture. Our art will remain faithful to its aesthetics.
4.2 Any further optimizations in terms of game performance? For example, adding 60 FPS ultra-high quality graphics option and so on.
A: We will continue to optimize the game to provide higher and more stable framerates and better graphics quality.
4.3 Can you adjust the brightness of the muzzle flash during machine gun firing? (The intense brightness made my eyes uncomfortable, especially when my character fires at night.)
A: We will make corresponding adjustments based on your feedback.
5. Platforms
5.1 What platforms will Ashfall be on? Will it be available on the Epic Games Store? Will it be simultaneously released on mobile? (Will it be available on consoles like PS5?)
A: Ashfall will be available on PC as well as iOS and Android devices. We are also working on a PlayStation version. We will support as many platforms as possible.
5.2 Can you make optimizations dedicated to low-end mobile devices? (Also requests for low-end PC.)
A: We are dedicated to making constant optimizations for various kinds of devices. This has been a challenge for the mobile version, but we will continue to bend over backward to work on it.
5.3 Do players across platforms match together in activities? (If so, those playing on PC will have an advantage.)
A: Yes, players on all platforms can match together. However, considering the differing controls on different platforms, we will prioritize matching players from the same platform.
5.4 Will there be in-app purchases? (Will it be pay-to-win?)
A: In-app purchases are available. Meanwhile, everyone can play the game for free. In-app purchases are mainly focused on improving efficiency and will not provide any exclusive resources. It is not pay-to-win. Furthermore, a significant portion of in-app purchases consists of cosmetic items.
6. Upcoming Test
6.1 When and where will the upcoming test take place? On what platforms?
A: The upcoming test is scheduled to kick off in December this year or January next year, depending on the progress of development. The platforms will be PC and mobile. We will strive to make the test available in as many regions as possible.
Ashfall Development Team
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