Sci-fi Action Roguelite Bullet Haven | Star Survivor

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Survive epic space battles in an offline roguelike bullet hell adventure! In Star Survivor, there are hundreds of cards that define how you play. You can craft your own fine-tuned deck and test your skills in Challenge Mode or build on the fly in the adventure Campaign.
About the Game:
- Unique flight controls, manage your ship's drift and boost to precisely weave through enemies
- Destroy endless swarms of alien bugs with overpowered equipment
- Choose from hundreds of unique cards and create game-breaking builds
- Campaign mode: Build your deck from scratch along your chosen path on a campaign map
- Challenge / Endless Mode: Test your crafted deck against the swarm
- 8 unique ships to pilot (more to come!)
- 300 upgrade cards, 33 weapons + 14 combo weapons to obliterate the enemy
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