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Dive into the World of 'Tokyo Ghoul' in an All-New Mobile Strategy Card Game!
Experience the dark and captivating universe of 'Tokyo Ghoul' in an officially authorized mobile game that brings the popular anime series to life!
In the bustling streets of Tokyo, hidden among the crowds, lurk enigmatic creatures known as 'ghouls' who feed on the flesh of humans. Ken Kaneki, a book-loving student, is a regular at the 'Anteiku' cafe. There, he meets a young woman around his age, and as they share their life experiences and love for literature, they form a unique connection. However, a fateful accident during a bookstore date changes Kaneki's destiny forever—he undergoes a life-altering organ transplant, receiving the organs of a 'ghoul.'
Caught in a whirlwind of doubt and perpetual struggle in this twisted world, Kaneki is inexorably drawn into a relentless cycle of brutal events...
Game Highlights
A Diverse Cast of Characters
Engage in thrilling 3D battles with a wide range of characters. Assemble a team featuring over 30 characters from the original series and forge unique bonds with each of your comrades!
Relive Iconic Moments
Experience the beloved story through captivating 3D animations! Immerse yourself in a world that remains as compelling and contradictory as ever.
Strategic Warfare
Employ card combinations in a highly strategic gameplay system. Harness attribute restrictions and card placement tactics to turn the tide of battle at any moment. Create powerful 'Warlust skills' with multiple card combos, delivering devastating blows to your foes in breathtaking ultimate moves!
Varied Gameplay Modes
Explore a multifaceted gaming experience, including a narrative that delves into the conflict between humans and ghouls, a labyrinth for solo exploration, cooperative challenges with fellow players, and intense player-versus-player battles.
Embark on this thrilling adventure where humans and ghouls collide. Can you navigate the complexities of this dark world and come out victorious? 'Tokyo Ghoul' awaits your strategic prowess and courage!
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