Metal Slug Awakening MOBILE

A run-and-gun homage to its retro roots that introduces a fresh and captivating art style in 2.5D My Gameplay on TikTok
📖 Storyline: Our protagonist is Marco Rossi, a computer expert serving the Peregrine Falcons special forces squadron, busy defeating the army led by the revived General Donald Morden!  The hand-drawn posters are very beautiful, while waiting for a new stage to load, and the funny text/voice dialogues with his traveling companions.
🎮 Gameplay: At first glance it invites you to take a trip back in time, leaving behind the characteristic pixel art style of the saga.  However, the revamp has been very well adapted to the whole and its gameplay is superb!  It's nothing short of exceptional with a nostalgic touch that pays a heartfelt homage to the old school.  Furthermore, it also implements the ability to interact multiplayer-open-world with other gamers from all over the world in frenetic matches.
🕹️ Controls: It is a revival of the classic shooter setting but with "2.5D" ( parallax effect ) type graphics, with the use of 3D graphics on a purely two-dimensional game structure. The icons on the screen are the classic ones: movement virtual pad on the left and action icons on the right, when you reach 100% frenzy, by tapping on the 100 icon, he unleashes his fury, only for a few seconds, strengthening his shots deadly.  There are also prisoners who, once freed, will say: "Thank you", releasing ammunition but also food that restores health.  Another new feature is that once the stage is completed, with the coins collected we can unlock a character and play with a friend.
By AlessiaBNERD
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Metal Slug mobile edition? Yes please, can't wait to play!
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