Too good as Angela with 13 kills and 2K damage! ~ First ever match on high energy heroes!

Hello everyone, It's Queen Jay.
Back again with a brand new video.
🎮 Gameplay:
In today's video, it is a showcase of how the first ever match on high energy heroes went and how I got a high amount of eliminations + damage.
Will hopefully be uploading more high energy heroes videos soon.
I just started playing the game and I am hoping to reach the higher ranks very soon.
Got some more amazing content planned which will be uploaded to my YouTube channel soon.
I hope you all enjoy this video!
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What do I use to edit my videos? Usually VSDC free video editor or capcut on mobile.
How do I did I make my video thumbnail? I edited a screenshot from my match which is featured in this video.
What did I use to record my gameplay?Twitch.
How did I edit this video?
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