📖 Storyline: I really liked having a goal, with everyone going to the big tree (genting peak). There was a story behind it with the heroes going there before us and them rescuing the world, somehow.
Now we have 'exploring the sky'. But where does it lead to? Why?
There was a lot of story hidden in Ulala. There was the backstory in hero hill and there was a reason to do tournaments! There was a message from Gaia when we did tournament, to choose people to fight the evil end boss, something like that.
With a lot of story, developer have it easier to create content around it. As example hero transformation. And we player have a goal or get a reason to do things.
It does not feel like endless grind when you have a story. I am missing the heart behind Ulala. For example weekly events, we have them, but why?
And if you dont believe developer never put their heart into Ulala, then go to daily task. Click on that horn in top right and look at 'Adventurer weekly news'. There is a lot of additional story! Loved to see that!
Ps: Even if I don't get lots of rewards for something, as long as there is a story/endgoal, I will continue!
Loved your game
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You're right, they've created a great world with Ulala. The storyline gives meaning to our actions and even the grind. We definitely need more of that, not just weekly events but a reason behind them. Keep the story coming, devs!
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