Last Day Countdown to "Methods: Detective Competition" Test! 🕵️‍♀️

Hello, everyone! 👋 Just one day left until the highly anticipated "Methods: Detective Competition" test begins! 🎉 In this gripping detective visual novel game, you'll have the chance to step into the shoes of an exceptional detective, unraveling perplexing mysteries and uncovering the truth behind each case. Are you ready for November 30th?
🧐 Game Overview:
"Methods: Detective Competition" is a highly acclaimed detective visual novel with a crime-solving competition featuring one hundred detectives. In this virtual detective world, players take on the role of a seasoned detective, unveiling the truth behind each case through a series of clues and challenges. The game is eagerly awaited for its immersive storyline, intricate puzzles, and outstanding visual effects.
📅 Test Start Date: November 30th(UTC+08:00)
Tomorrow is the day we've all been waiting for! During the test period, you'll have the opportunity to experience a portion of the game, encountering its challenges and joys. Remember to set a reminder and not miss out on this fantastic opportunity!
🌐 How to Participate in the Test:
Want to be part of the "Methods: Detective Competition" test? On the test start day, open taptap and search for the game name, follow the instructions to download and start playing. Please note that test spots are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis!
🎁 Tester Benefits:
As a tester, you'll have the chance to receive unique rewards and benefits as a token of our gratitude for your support and participation. More details will be revealed when the test begins, so stay tuned!
❓ Have Questions?
If you have any questions about the game or the testing process, feel free to leave a comment or directly contact our support team 【[email protected]】. We'll do our best to address your concerns and ensure a smooth testing experience for you.
🎮 Let's Embrace the Challenge of Deduction Together!
"Methods: Detective Competition" is about to kick off its test, and we can't wait to share this exciting moment with you. Thanks for all your support—let's unravel mysteries and discover the truth together! 🔍🕵️‍♂️
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Excited to be a part of this test. The concept's unique, always wanted to feel like a detective.🕵️‍♀️
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