Splatoon + Brawl Stars?! New 3v3 Arena Shooter Comes to Mobile! | ColorBANG CBT Review!

The game that I wanna share with you guys today may seem very familiar to a lot of you. ColorBANG is an isometric shooter developed by N2 Entertainment that takes huge inspiration from “Splatoon,” one of Nintendo’s current flagship titles, with a splash  of “Brawl Stars” thrown in for good measure.
The game brings the vibrantly colorful and chaotic vibe of Splatoon to the mobile platform in very familiar yet simple 3 versus 3 showdowns.
Once you have chosen one of 7 different characters, each with their own unique basic attacks and abilities, your squad of three will then verse the opposing side in real time to see who can conquer the most amount of areas within the arena with their team’s color during the 150-second round.
ColorBANG is played from a fixed, top-down view with simple controls to allow even a complete beginner to the genre to get acclimated quickly. The game does have auto fire to make aiming simple for all players, which I know can be a bit of a let down for some players.
Although the game is still in CBT and the amount of content is limited, I would say that the game definitely has potential. I had a lot of fun while playing, even though I had to deal with the lag playing through a VPN, and would love to try the game out again in the future when new additions are made.
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