Game: Raziel Rebirth: Dungeon Raid Platform: Mobile Genre: ARPG, Multiplayer, Hack & Slash
Overview Raziel Rebirth: Dungeon Raid is a game that takes a step back to the good games that players from all over the world love to spend thousands of hours playing. Those being Diablo 2, Torchlight, Path of Exiles and a few others like Titan Quest!
It gets right to the point, has a lot of action, and a lot of depth for diversity. While it is still in the BETA stages, the most significant problem that I have with this game is that it feels so good to play, but everything about it, from the characters looking like they were taken from another game to the dialogue that repeats over and over again, in this case, with the Ranger sounding like the Shadow from PoE, bothered me.
It's a really great game, and I haven't had this much fun playing an action role-playing game on a mobile device before. Typically, mobile games are not tuned enough to truly play at a high level without any problems.
Censorship I have a tendency to skip over story and instead focus on picking up a few parts here and there. However, I can say that even though I didn't pay much attention, the overall presentation of it was, at most, "okay." This is especially true when the majority of the interesting events that take place are blocked by censorship.
Considering the fact that there are a variety of cultural factors at play maybe? As well as whatever concerns their government may have regarding the situation, I can understand that, but seriously? Do you really think that a game that is essentially all about slaying hordes of demons has to be censored in such a blatantly bad way?
Graphics & Presentation When everything is taken into consideration, the game runs extremely well and to my surprise, they even got a central mini-map working which is amazing!
This is something that we all can enjoy, because it allows us to get to the right spot without having to waste any time standing still and twiddling our thumbs looking at a map while monsters surround us. Diablo 4 ought to start taking notes.
While I was running across the main town, I experienced a few frame dips here and there. However, given the number of players who were participating in this BETA, I expected anything as insignificant as frame drops to occur.
I could not get over the fact that the user interface will always get in your way, while managing to be quite difficult to navigate. This was the one thing that I just could not get over. The reason for this is that after each and every combat, as well as before the encounter, there is a lot of overlaying dialogue, banners, and a gray screen that hide the majority of the UI where you would have a skill or teleport open for pressing.
You are unable to use a special shield and heal or to teleport back to town without issues because a banner is blocking your input. Additionally, the skill needs to be tapped approximately five to eight times before the dialog disappears. This causes you to spend a significant amount of time just standing there and sometimes dying.
Gameplay It is possible that you will be interested in this game if you enjoy playing games similar to the old Diablo and Path of Exiles. The gameplay is something that I found to be both very fun and very boring. This is due to the fact that you finish the story stages so quickly, and the majority of the bosses have mechanics in the special arenas that don't function all the time, the way they should. This makes it very frustrating when you die, even though you were standing in the safe area of effect zone. It is not a pay-to-play game, but it does have some features that can be purchased.
On top of that, there are times when you simply do not receive any additional loot after you have finished a stage. This is true even in story mode, where you are only allowed to repeat a stage a total of twenty times before you are no longer able to make any more attempts. Furthermore, if you happen to miss out on that elusive armor set that is required to finish the bonus, you will be forced to either find it elsewhere or find another player to purchase it from.
Conclusion These developers appear to have the ability to create an ARPG for mobile devices that is not only enjoyable and engaging but also smooth, with a great deal of depth and a great deal of features to keep you occupied. On the other hand, I would really want to see them make an effort to put a little bit more work into the UI, and removing the censoring would go a long way toward making it appear like a game that doesn't look like it's designed for children.
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no multiplayer in this game!!!why you lying people!!!
Kai X
Kai X
ARPG is "Augmented reality role playing game"? there should be 2 r. ARPG is action role playing game. did you use gpt to write it? some times gpt messes up full forms.
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