Palworld Ultimate Starter Guide: EVERYTHING You Need To Know To Get Started!

Palworld is a massive game, it offers tons of stuff to do and has systems layered on top of systems. This beginner's guide will cover everything you need to know to get started, including some tips and tricks!
Intro 00:00
Creating a World & Character 00:30
Stamina System 01:50
Hunger 03:16
Gear Resistances 05:07
Leveling Up & Tips 06:32
Stat Points & Recommended Stats 07:08
Tech & Ancient Tech Points 07:45
Power Statue 08:55
Lifmunk Effigies 09:28
Resource Gathering 10:16
Weight System 10:58
Gathering Tips 11:46
Base Building 12:54
Crafting With Your Pals 14:00
Base Raids 14:42
Combat Overview 16:12
Pal Partner Skills 17:25
Pal Gear 17:50
Pal Elemental Pyramid 18:38
How to Capture Pals 19:03
TIP - Withdraw Your Pals 20:33
Pal Party Passives 21:09
Pal Skills & Skill Fruit 22:28
Shiny Pals 23:05
Pal Crafting 23:43
Pal Proficiencies 24:15
Pal Condenser 24:42
Exploration 25:10
Dungeons 25:43
World Bosses 26:40
Towers 27:20
Merchants 28:00
Chests & Eggs 28:37
Bandit Camps 30:21
Sanctuaries & Wanted Status 31:18
Summary 31:59
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