Dreamster World [Alpha] - A CUTE And CASUAL Battle Royale Game

I'd say that Dreamster world is a very simple Battle Royale game. You just kill some monsters to be able to summon your Dreamio's. You can summon all 3 companions at the same time, which was a nice surprise, and they will help you fight. The fighting is simplistic, and maybe too much so. You just stand in place and attack. You cannot attack while moving. So that makes fighting other players very hard without any crowd control abilities. I was looking forward to a more Pokémon style game when I saw the promos for this game, but it's far from it except for the visuals. Instead of catching Dreamios in an open world it seems you just roll the gacha. That was disappointing for me. There was also significant lag while playing, But I'll chalk that one up to the game being in Alpha. In terms of a score, I think this game deserves a 6/10 score. It's okay, but not amazing. But I'm sure you can get some enjoyment out of this game.
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I can install it and start it but loading screen stuck
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