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If you once played a JRPG on PS2, then you will be familiar with the atmosphere of the narrative, the motivation of the characters and the combat system. This is literally Grandia III after 15 years, in the style of mobile gaming. The game is made with soul and I will tell you what its advantages and disadvantages are. I was waiting for this project.
What makes your eyes sparkle like in an anime and your mouth cosplay as a cat?
— The animations are done very well, they are pleasant to look at even after a dozen battles, you don’t want to skip them, except for a few, but here I just don’t like a couple of characters, which is normal;
— The style is refreshing, as if it takes you outside to breathe in the natural air, inspiring you to live your life positively;
— There are some very cute and meme scenes that do their job well and make you feel emotional;
— There are attempts to diversify the gameplay, but so far it looks crude, although interesting (I’m talking about dungeons, if you can call them that);
— The combat system itself is interesting, but has not yet been particularly effectively developed (It's familiar to fans of old games, it's literally the same thing, only something is not enough);
— Pleasant music;
— Beautiful scenery for battles;
— Alchemy also creates something unique, although I remember all this from Atelier Iris 2 (Cool game if you are 11-14 years old, like I was, but for an adult I don’t know, I want to replay);
— There's a character called Kokoschka who has cat ears, which is a reference to the Russian word "Кошка" (Koshka), what means "Cat" – it's cute;
— The game does a good job of relaxing you.
What brings you back to reality, talking about infantility, what do you want to run away from?
— Japanese voice acting that I can't stand (overplayed). I love the Japanese language, I study it, but the Japanese voice acting is always something squeaking, as if I stepped on a plush toy.
— There are so many downloads that after downloading the download continues, which makes you want to close the application and not open it anymore. It’s one thing when the loading is done by the characters moving somewhere, as it is here, which looks nice and comfortable, but when there’s a black screen and Japanese beeping on daily tasks, I’ll soon go crazy. Same animation, same squeak, over and over again.
— It's getting boring, the enemies are too simple, there's no challenge.
— The characters are gray in places, there are only a couple that evoke emotions and interest;
— Poor optimization and incorrect default settings for devices for different quality templates (in one of the templates they include a setting that reduces the device’s performance to zero and if anyone has problems, then try FXAA);
— Too much donation.
As a result:
I don't I'm not upset, the game is good, but it's still raw, it needs to be thoroughly polished, work on the content and the ability to explore the world openly. 6-7 out of 10.  love everyone 🩵
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I actually like the Japanese voice acting! It adds authenticity for me.
Ellie Kin
Ellie Kin
It's a matter of taste, but the common language in the world is English, so voice acting should be in it by default
no male characters? that's boring
Ellie Kin
Ellie Kin
There are guys, but I have not yet met guys with high ranks (stars). Only 2-star. I think they will appear, or I didn’t get them.
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