[1 Days To Go!] Breathe. Ready?

The BlazBlue Entropy Effect OST will be available online tomorrow. It will feature 20 original game soundtracks that blend sci-fi electronic, Japanese rock, retro synthesizer, and more styles. Along with the OST, the Launch Bonus DLC will also be available tomorrow. The DLC will offer: * 3 kinds of special Avatar skins * 2 pieces of exquisite dynamic wallpapers * 1 Special Phenomena Art Book We would like to express our gratitude for your support. Therefore, the OST and Launch Bonus DLC will be given for free to the players who bought the game during the "Early Access" phase. Launch Discount Info: Base Game Price: -22%, discounted to $17.15 Special Bundle (Base Game + OST + DLC): -21%, discounted to $19.06 BlazBlue Entropy Effect official release countdown: 1 day!
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