Survival Island Hope Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2- (Android, iOS)

Survival Island Hope Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2- (Android, iOS)
Survival Island Hope is coming soon on both Android and iOS. You can download from Google Playstore and iOS Apple Appstore when game is officially launched.
Game Mode: Online
Size : 3 GB
Device : iPad Pro M2
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▬▬▬ Description ▬▬▬
In the future, as polar ice caps melt and land masses are gradually engulfed by seawaters, an archipelago world emerges. I find myself adrift on a makeshift raft, eventually washing ashore on a desolate island, thus commencing a grueling journey of survival.
Driven by hunger, I forage in the jungle for wild fruits to satiate my empty stomach; with stones and twigs, I fashion a primitive stone axe as protection against potential dangers. Before nightfall, I fell trees to construct a crude shelter to withstand the unknown perils of the long nights.
The following day, I scour the island for essential survival supplies and stand sentinel on the beach, gazing at distant, intermittently visible islands on the horizon. Resolved, I embark on building a vessel capable of traversing the ocean, hoping to encounter other survivors among those far-off lands.
The question lingers: will it be collaboration in adversity or conflict over scarce resources when encountering fellow humans? Despite this uncertainty, driven by the need to survive and to seek out unity and hope for humanity within this shattered world, I set sail resolutely towards the seas peppered with challenges yet unseen.
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