Chasing Iota/Choco Waifu - Outerplane

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Outerplane - Chasing Iota
Summoned to save an otherworldly kingdom, “K” along with the automaton “Eva”
embark on exciting new adventures.
▮ Ravishing 3D Artwork ▮
A gaming experience elevated with fully rendered 3D graphics and
eye-catching visuals that make you feel like you're part of the action!
▮ Turn-based Action ▮
Unrivaled action like you’ve never seen before!
Create different compositions and create a variety of combo attacks!
▮ Epic Stories ▮
A masterpiece ready to be explored.
Embark on an adventure in an otherworldly kingdom.
▮ Colorful Cutscenes ▮
Check out the skills of every character
and be dazzled by their combat cutscenes!
▮ Strategic Gameplay ▮
Challenge your abilities in strategy-based combat!
Turn based action with a lot more customization to each attack!
▮ Rampaging Bosses ▮
‘Special Request’ awaits you.
Defeat the rampaging bosses and claim your rewards!
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