【March】New Version Preview (Includes Gift Code)

Dear adventurer:
We plan to update the version on February 29st. This update includes interface optimization and the launch of new generals.
Here are the details of this update:
〓Update time〓
2024/2/29 14:00(GMT+8)
〓Update summary〓
1. Added new vertical painting placement.
2.Added new season generals Lv Lingqi and Ling Tong·S.
〓New vertical painting launch〓
1. Added voting general portraits, which can be unlocked by obtaining props through activities or by consuming fragments after reaching eight stars for the corresponding general.
2. Added new vertical painting corresponding login theme
〓Seasonal Generals★Lv Lingqi〓
Break off relations:attack the enemy in front, if the SP of the enemy is lower than 50, attach [Tremble]
Bloody fight:deal damage to all enemies, recover 50% of the total damage's HP, and attach [Tremble] if the enemy SP is lower than 50
Charm:attack the enemy with the lowest HP and attach [Tremble]; if she dealt a critical hit, deal an additional 100% of Lv Lingqi's physical attack's [True Damage]
Bloody blade:when dealing damage, if the target had [Provoke], increase the critical hit rate by 30% and absorb some damage to convert into HP
Demon descendant:when the [Break off relations] dealt a critical hit to the enemy, release [Charm] immediately and increase this attack damage, only trigger once per round
〓Awakened Generals★Ling Tong▪S〓
Hooking:attack the enemy in front and attach [Curse] with 30% probability
Drag:attack the enemy with the highest SP and clear the enemy's SP by 30 points; if the enemy's SP is higher than 30 points after clearing, remove all buffs on the enemy at the same time
Hospitable:attack all enemies and remove 1 buff of each enemy
Hold back:when dealing damage, if the enemy had [Curse], seize 10 points of enemy SP and absorb some damage to convert into HP
Garrison:accumulate 1 [Chain] for every buff removed from each enemy, up to 7 points; at the end of the action, if the [Chain] is full, clear all points to restore HP and release [Hospitable]
Note: The skill effects mentioned above are from the test version and are subject to change in the online version.
Version Gift Pack: hero2403
Validity Period: 2024-02-23 -- 2024-03-31
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