Good Vocaloid music game

I have been playing Colorful stage for a while, it's a good game for mobile. Of course i didn't expected a Project Diva, because the gameplay is really different from all the Diva saga. I won't deny that is based in other phone rhythm games like BanG Dream! and many similarities with Utau no Prince Sama and Love Live! phone games.
Has many stories and option for change between Vocaloid voices and singers voice depending on the song, a good option that i really enjoy. It has beautiful illustrations, 3D models and a good variety of songs, even original songs for the game, and concerts made for events and characters birthday. Also is really cool to have a cooperation mode, for playing songs with other players.
The only problem is that the game can have performance issues while using the 3D option for some songs, even if you reduce graphics it can have impact in the gameplay, the game can get a bit buggy and lose some notes while playing. It also has a gacha system, i am not fan of gacha but isn't bad.
If someone like me likes a lot Vocaloid, it's a good game for enjoy in mobile. Just don't try to see it like a Project Diva, because it clearly isn't.
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You're right about the performance issues. What phone you playing on?
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