A blend of turn-based and real-time RPG combat in a mesmerizing 3D world | Gameplay - Ex Astris

Ex Astris features a unique blend of turn-based and real-time gameplay from the developer of Arknights, it’s not pausable real-time, nor a tactics strategy system. It instead offers an entirely fresh take on RPG combat. Front and center is the so-called Obscuran Maneuver System.
This 'Obscuran Maneuver System' is an innovative combat system requires active engagement from the player for both offense and defense. During offensive turns, you need to activate skills in real-time, some of which may include bonus Quick Time Events (QTEs). Defensive turns allow you to switch between characters on the fly to manage incoming damage and activate defensive skills such as dodging or parrying.
Outside of combat, Ex Astris encourages exploration and puzzle-solving. Even though it’s not a full-on open-world game, there is still a big emphasis on exploration. You'll get to wander across the planet in various ways, and the game is not exactly linear; you can explore levels and areas and uncover secrets. Additionally, players can craft augmentations for their characters, further enhancing their abilities and customization options; or perhaps cook using ingredients gathered from the world, providing stat boosts to players
Unlike other similar mobile titles, Ex Astris stands out by breaking away from the typical gacha model. Despite its aesthetic and mechanical similarities to gacha games, Ex Astris offers a one-time purchase premium experience. There are no gacha or microtransactions, ensuring that everything in the game is easily accessible without additional costs. (Although DLCs are still possible in the future). .
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