Endless Heroes Gameplay - Idle RPG Android iOS

Game: Endless Heroes Genre: Idle RPG Gameplay: https://youtu.be/BJQdifUonMo ENDLESS HEROES GAME Battle for territory on the continent of Avalonia, a world of swords and sorcery! As the leader of a group of mercenaries, you must defeat a variety of monsters to gain experience, items, and prestige, and then capture the region with your guild. Build your own powerful mercenary army by acquiring hero gear and collecting mercenaries. - No more RPGs where you only have one character - your heroes and mercenaries grow with you, giving you a diverse development experience. - Strategic battles that take into account the various skills and 4 attributes of heroes and mercenaries - Endless paths of growth! Endless battlefields! Only a sword and trusted companions to rely on! - Gather tons of mercenaries as allies and send them out to collect loot. - PVP battles with other users through the Arena! Together in the community! - Organize guilds with other players and show off your hero with costumes. - Earn buffs in the areas your guild controls to gain more resources and points! - Communicate and share information through the chat function. JRPG style graphics and rich content. - A fantasy world with cute dot characters and intense hitting sensations. - Unique dungeons and events to whet your collecting appetite. - Addictive minigames for extra fun...
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