Nanospace Idle Gameplay - BUBBLY IDLE ACTION RPG Game (Android, iOS)

➡️Nanospace Idle now available for Android devices (Selected Region) and coming soon for iOS devices
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➡️About this Game
BUBBLY IDLE ACTION RPG, full of subculture vibe and ultra high 3D graphics
ADOPT and GROW your own BUBBLY Nanospace Agents!! If you are a fan of IDLE games, action RPGs and subculture vibes, Nanospace is perfect! Prepare for unparalleled high-quality 3D graphics paired with enchanting subculture-themed characters
BUBBLY (aka. Nanospace Corp.) kicked off with one goal in mind; to guard our world against rogue self-aware AGIs, hackers, and slimes. They're dedicated to maintaining harmony, facing off against everything from buggy AGIs to unruly slimes. Armed with captivating combat AGI characters and first-class weaponry, you've got everything you need to shield the world from a whole array of threats
Genres: Simulation
Platform: Android, iOS
Publisher: Galileo Sky LLC
Release Date: Mar 11, 2024
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