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Game: Lapis Knights Genre: Idle RPG Gameplay: LAPIS KNIGHTS: IDLE RPG GAME Pre-register now and receive 33,000 Ladon Gems as a reward. (Payment will be made automatically when the game starts after official opening.) Born into the world under the name Dark Saber, Lapis Online continued to evolve and introduced the world's first MMOSRPG. An idle RPG about raising Lapis that has evolved beyond this! You can enjoy an adventure through four warriors to stop the resurrection of an old ruler who rebelled against God and was sealed in the age of myth. You must enjoy exciting battles against various monsters that constantly appear, and acquire various characters and powerful skills. Another story unfolding on the continent of Lemuria begins with four warriors. ★ Various characters, equipment, and skills acquired through growth - The growth of characters in each of the four classes and their brilliant skills - Obtain various weapons and rings - Group growth through strengthening expeditions ★ Continuous rewards and offline rewards through journals and missions - Step-by-step rewards obtained by completing specific missions - Journal rewards that can be obtained as the game progresses - Various items and goods accumulated even when not connected ★ Dungeons and ranking battles to acquire materials - In addition to the scenario dungeon where you can experience Lapis' scenario, experience the training dungeon and the infinite dungeon, and acquire unique goods. - Let’s take a look at the rankers and experience their strength. ★ Cute Lapis character and cute monsters with a dot feel - Cute monsters and various characters that fill you with joy - Gorgeous skill effects and BGM full of urgency Lapis Knights Idle RPG Release.

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