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MAIDEN ACADEMY: IDLE RPG GAME Maiden Academy: Idle RPG is an idle strategy RPG game. You need to arrange the positions of your battle companions and fully utilize their different combat styles to better combat the invaders. At the same time, don't forget to arm and upgrade your battle companions to enhance their combat power. - How to play: 1. Draw heroes: Randomly draw heroes from the card pool to join your team and become your partners to defend your homeland together. 2. Increase combat power: You need to continuously enhance the overall strength of heroes in your team, upgrade heroes to cope with the ongoing invasion of increasingly powerful enemies. 3. Developing battle strategy: You need to have agile thinking and make meticulous plans to control your battle, as poor strategies can lead to failure. As the battle progresses, you may need to constantly optimize your strategy! ☆Game features: 1. Collection and cultivation : There are more than 60 different heroes waiting for you to recruit. Experience the happiness of collecting cultivating them. Take it easy, in addition to the main storyline levels, you can also obtain resources for training heroes through other gameplay modes. 2. Various gameplay: Surprisingly, In Maiden Academy: Idle RPG, there are several extended gameplays to bring you a fresh gaming experience and enrich your adventure. 3. Assemble a powerful team: Each hero possesses unique abilities and excels in specific areas. It is crucial for you to thoroughly understand the abilities of each card in order to create the strongest team. By doing so, you can defeat enemies effortlessly and conserve energy effectively! 4. Offline earnings When you have to temporarily leave the world due to other matters that need your attention, your heroes will continue to fight with enemies. When you come back, you can directly collect the resources dropped by these enemies. Like casual games without tiring? Like collecting card games? Like Gacha games? Then come to play For Maiden Academy: Idle RPG!! Apk=
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