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Game: Ultraman: Galaxy Heroes Genre: RPG Gameplay: https://youtu.be/ngK6iKeKgKY Ultraman: Galaxy Heroes GAME "Ultraman: Galaxy Heroes" is an authentically authorized action mobile game. The familiar Ultraman will face difficulties and obstacles. Only by working together and fighting together can we overcome the difficulties and re-write the glory of the Kingdom of Light! Super cool fighting will give you an unprecedented visual feast and open a new era! Transform into Ultraman and it's time to fight against the enemy! Fight for justice and peace! [Classic reappearance, childhood plot perfectly restored] Wonderful childhood memories are reenacted, a new level-breaking mode, Zeta, Tiga, Geed, Zero and many other Ultraman will be presented one by one, and many classic plots are perfectly restored! [No worries, no krypton, hang up and easily collect cards to upgrade] By hanging up the level, you can get massive experience, gold coins, and a lot of diamonds, which will fill your bag with benefits, allowing you to draw cards without stress. There are multiple ways to obtain heroes, and you can easily counterattack without spending money. [Multiple ways to play, easy and fun to play and freely assign] The gameplay is diverse, you can easily play tower climbing, level-breaking, dungeons, roguelike gameplay, team competitions, individual competitions, etc., all kinds of gameplay are available, auto-battle allows you to enjoy acceleration, and you can stop playing with millions of combat power! [Cool special effects, endless fun in space adventure] The top-notch picture quality of high-definition design, the refreshing impact of the game, the compact and passionate plot, and the gorgeous skill display will bring a new immersive experience! Let us experience the vastness and beauty of the universe with Ultra Heroes. Ultraman Galaxy Heroes BETA CN: _ March/29/2024 ~ April/5/2024.
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