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Game: Fate/Dream Striker Genre: Sports Gameplay: https://youtu.be/LnYVfIynpjQ FATE/DREAM STRIKER GAME A new soccer game featuring the servants of “Fate/Grand Order” is now available! *Contains spoilers for "Fate/Grand Order". Please note. In search of the one and only soccer ball in a world full of greenery——— Win the battle against powerful teams with super strange soccer! 【how to play】 Defeat the approaching soccer servants brilliantly, Run down the field and score a goal. Collect the defeated servants and aim for completion. Use the skills of Chaldea members to defeat the boss and win the championship! [How to take pictures with servants] The Servant you own will be able to take pictures using the camera function. Swipe to move servants, You can adjust the size by pinching in and out, Organize your favorite Eleven and take a photo together!
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