【Event Raffle】Fan Art Contest!

Event Duration:
Submission Period: April 1-April 16, 2024 23:59 (UTC+8)
Judging Period: April 17-April 20,2024 23:59 (UTC+8)
Results Announcement Date: April 22,2024
Submission Content:
Official Judging Awards:
The awards in this category will be judged by SunnyGame and MooncakeGames officials based on the creativity of the works, taking into account factors such as quality and more.
Event Rewards:
First Prize(1 winner)
🎉In-game item: Choose one weapon and one set
Second Prize (3 winners)
🎉In-game item: One set
Third Prize (5 winners)
🎉In-game item: 5400 energy chips
Lucky Prize(30 winners)
🎉In-game item: 1800 energy chips
Official will select 30 players from the submitted works to distribute rewards.
Participation Prize
🎉In-game item: 1800 energy chips
All players participating in this event can claim their rewards.
Player's Choice Prize (6 winners)
🎉In-game item: One set
Evaluation rules: The top 6 works with the highest number of likes in the group will be selected for award distribution.
Submission steps:
Step 1. Join the <Slash&Girl-Endless Run> public group, like, comment, and share the current post.  (Link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/235553717778576)
Step 2. Use the hashtags #FanArt #Slash&Girl-Endless Run #Drawing to post your original fan art that meets the requirements.
This event is related to the creation of <Slash&Girl-Endless Run>. Other themes will not be recorded or evaluated for rewards.
Mentioned games
In addition to it being a drawing related only to "Slash&Girl-Endless Run" and in addition to the restrictions; Should it be free drawing or something specific?
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