HardCore FPS Lovers Please Download Its Worth it

👍 Pros: Love it Great Game.Only Unique HardCore MaxPayne Baddass Style FPS In Mobile Game with Great Graphics to Date,Great Characters/Gangs.Crazy Maps.🎮 Gameplay: Crazy Weapons/Loadout Options/Performance.Smooth Transitioning Game Good Servers/Connection Quick Easy Match Making Alot of Players Playing Xtremely Competitive Matches Hell Of Funn..👎 Cons: :-Lack Of Diversity/Options With Maps,GmeModes,Charcters/Gangs/Weapons..👎 No/Not Enough/Very Poor Rewards System after Matches Unless Its Contracts.No Map/Game Mode Voting Options.Characters Tend to Get Stuck At time During Shootouts while Moving Very Slow Weapon Reloads Cross Over and Slow ADS.Lack of Enviromental Change/Destruction With Such HardCore Gmeplay.Maps Slighty Too Big For Players Size Needs More Players or Smaller Maps.Players Tend to be Hard to find Most Times Alot Of Empty Space Running Around.Needs A Night Mode.This is HardCore Gangster Gme So It Needs Cash Grab/Rob Steal/Drug Loot/Turf War Take Over Type Game Modes To Be More Original And Not Repetitive Boring Capture Dog Tags.Flag.Hardpoint.Control Modes like Other Games..Don't Messed Game Up Ke🎮 Gameplay: Keep This One Game Unique Please There Is None Like it On Mobile/Android Store🎬 Presentation:Needs More Fluent Improve UI.🕹️ Controls: Improve Chatacter Movement Just A Little Not too much👥 Multiplayer: Consider Personal Character Customization Options Is Needed Also And Run Slide&Peep Around Corners Option/Greanades are Broken/Not Effective to No Damage Nds 2 Fix
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