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Game: Last Bunker: 1945 Genre: Tower Defense Gameplay: Last Bunker: 1945 GAME Last Bunker: 1945 is a new type of tower defense game. Upgrade and fortify your different types of turrets to hold back waves of attacks and defend the last hope of mankind! Can you become the Ace commander and dominate WW II? ▶Brutal Battlefield◀ The war has spread all over the world! We will face the enemies in many places such as the African Front, Pacific Front, Western & Eastern Front and so on. Many classic battles are waiting for you to relive, we'll give you the full WW II experience. ▶Endless Waves of Enemies◀ The most vicious enemies in history will all be coming at you! Will you be able to destroy all the top planes and tanks of WW II and secure your bunker? ▶Build your Defenses◀ Build different types of turrets and choose from randomly-dropped upgrades to strengthen them in battle to deal with different battlefield situations and defeat the enemies with different characteristics. Last Bunker 1945 Early Access.
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