【V1.16】Join the Event to Earn the Event Song "Yukianesa" and pilot "Fisica"

Join the limited-time event to earn numerous rewards, including the event song 'Yukianesa', new pilots 'Fisica' and other rewards.
*Pilot 'Fisica' can only be unlocked with the purchase of the song pack "Lanota Collab".
=Event period=
18 April - 3 May
=About Bounty Lab=
Special Lab options will be avaiLable in this event, each with their individual effects that may affect the game or charts. Go indulge yourself in Lab which will be an amazing experience!
Lab missions are only for cleared charts. The chance of having Lab increases as you clear and FC more charts.
=About Bounty Challenge=
Three random bounty missions are presented to you each time a song starts, and you need to select one of them to challenge.
Each mission has its own required song, clearance requirements, and perhaps extra restrictions.
Missions of higher difficulty grant more event points.
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