Fallout 3 is one of those games you can play so many times you will never get bored of it

It's the first fallout from Bethesda and it's really remarkable
The story is simple but it's great you are following your father who left Vault 101 for unknown reasons and you try to find him
Graphics for the year that came were amazing, and still they are good
You can fix anything you don't like with mods there are more than 16k in nexus mods so
The best radio host in all fallout games is here 'Three Dog'
All 5 DLC are very good
Music is another level
We see many great enemies from super mutants to ghouls enclave etc etc
Companions were alright. Charon is the best one for me plus the only game in series that you have be either bad or good to be able to recruit some certain companions like bad(Clover,Jericho) good(Cross,Fawkes)
It has one of my favourite cities in the fallout universe 'Underworld'
We engage with so many factions like Abolitionists,BOS,BOS Outcasts,Chinese remnants,Enclave,The Family,Raiders,Railroad,Talon Company
Karma solution's
You can have 2 companions max Charon + Dogmeat deadly combination
Map is a bit small as well not that many quests to do
Sadly you can't play as a should but that's a general problem in fallout games. At least we have mods for that
We don't have the power we do nowadays back then it was like an armor but you needed a specific perk to wear
You can get this game(goty) for 5 euros in discounts and it's a catch worth every cent .
Go and try it smoothskin
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