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Game: Age of Sea Genre: Strategy Gameplay: AGE OF SEA GAME Meteor showers, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels engulf the world. Survive, build, and adventure to establish your home in the ocean's new era. Ocean New Era is a game themed around survival, development, and adventure in the ocean. You, as a castaway, will build your new home from an abandoned raft. Upgrade water purifiers, expand the raft, connect drifting structures, establish resource production lines, embark on underwater adventures, and discover remnants of the old world. Only then can you thrive in this new era where the vast majority of the Earth's surface is submerged, creating a powerful and comfortable haven. - Mysterious Crystals from Meteor Showers The meteor showers destroyed the civilization of the old era, but the extraterrestrial crystals within them brought infinite possibilities to the new era. These crystals led to innovations in seawater purification, miniature energy technologies, and energy shield technology. In essence, these crystals became the cornerstone of the new era, allowing humanity not just to survive but thrive in a world covered by seawater. - Freshwater, the Lifeline Above the ocean, freshwater is both a lifeline and a noose around the neck. The primary source of freshwater is the seawater purifier at the heart of your home. With technology facilitated by the crystals, you can extract freshwater directly from the seawater. However, constructing and upgrading buildings, accommodating more people, training soldiers, all increase the consumption of freshwater. Additionally, crises like heat waves that strike at any time further burden the freshwater supply. - Raft Expansion Initially, the raft you find yourself stranded on is just a small piece. You'll need to gather logs and craft wooden planks to gradually expand it. During this expansion, you may discover scattered rafts with various buildings that add diverse functionalities to your home. There are various cabins with animals that can help you with logging and fishing, processing factories for sawing planks and cooking fish, and even a bar to invite seafaring adventurers. As the raft expands, you'll establish a well-equipped home. - Small Animals as Helpers After the world is covered by the sea, the victims aren't only humans but also various small animals. During your expansion, you might encounter some of these animals. Shelter them, and they will assist you. Otters will help with logging, pelicans with fishing, penguins with resource transportation, beavers with sawing planks, and cats with cooking fish. With their aid, you'll have an automated resource production line, freeing you from laborious resource gathering to focus on home construction and ocean exploration. - Underwater Adventures Despite the endless possibilities brought by crystal technology, remnants of the old era remain irreplaceable treasures. Upgrading structures might require specific materials only found beneath the submerged waters. Although you can't dive, you can recruit seafaring adventurers from the bar to help you find what you need. Moreover, the underwater world holds marvelous sights—lost and dilapidated cities, dangerous marine creatures, brimming with various unknowns and challenges. Age of Sea Early Access.
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bonjour le jeu a l'air sympas mais ne fonctionne plus une fois l'eau ?
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