📍 5 Day 5 Location📍🍯Goblin's Treasure🍯Event Time: April 22nd 05:00 ~ May 1st 05:00

📍 5 Day 5 Location📍
🍯Goblin's Treasure🍯
Event Time: April 22nd 05:00 ~ May 1st
Goblin's Treasure
Event Time: April 22nd 05:00 ~ May 1st 05:00
[Event Background]
The Goblin tribe naturally has quite a few treasures, but if you want to acquire them, you'll need to put in some effort!
[Event Details]
(1) During the event, adventurers with a Base level ≥ 25 can go to Prontera Square and find the "Goblin King" to participate in the event.
(2) Adventurers need to follow the prompts to find the "treasure" on the designated map to receive rewards: complete the 1st-4th tasks to get Zeny x 150,000 and "Blessing Garland" x1; complete the 5th task to get Zeny x 300,000 and "Blessing Garland" x3.
(3) During the event, if adventurers are unable to complete the tasks on the day they are issued, they can complete them in order at any time during the event period.
(4) This event is limited to account-specific tasks.
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