🚨ALT CITY-Criminal Mafia Online Gameplay - Action Open World RP Game (Android, iOS)

➡️ALT CITY-Criminal Mafia Online is now available for both Android and iOS devices
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➡️About this Game
ALT CITY is a gangster crime novelty of the massively multiplayer open world games online. Enjoy playing crime shooting games? Enjoy being a virtual crime gangster with a grand auto (which can be a theft auto) in San Andreas crime city? Then, you will love this MMORPG! We analyzed the best open world games and developed with realistic crime simulator and gameplay of incredible freedom.
A massively multiplayer game with hundreds and thousands of people in a session! Tremendous interactions! Cooperate with other players to become stronger, tougher, and reach your goal quicker. Sell your items to other players or exchange them. Take revenge. Play online games with your friends and create your own gang!
Genres: Action, MMORPG, Open World
Platform: Android, iOS
Size: 1 GB
Publisher: LEVEL 26 GAMES - FZCO
Release Date:
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