Roblox Bedwars Youtuber SirSkittles ACCUSED OF "CHEATING in Videos"?

who is sirskittles? SirSkittles otherwise own as "Lachlan" is an Australian Roblox Bedwars content creator, recently faced accusations of cheating in his videos. The controversy sparked when several clips spread online saying that SirSkittles used cheats during gameplay. SirSkittles addressed the accusations in a video providing in his video, SirSkittles addressed criticism and expressed frustration over the accusations!
. He mentioned receiving backlash on social media , SirSkittles maintained his innocence  provide a transparent response to his audience. The content creator began by analyzing specific clips that purportedly showed evidence of cheating.
sirskittles went over people  accused him of using "soft aim" or having anti-kncok back one of the key points SirSkittles made was regarding high ping and its impact on gameplay. high ping could lead to delayed hits, making it appear as if he wasn't accurately targeting. of FPS (frames per second) on knockback debunking accusations of anti-knockback cheats.
SirSkittles proved that he wasnt cheating in his video showing that he is a true skilled player!
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