🚨Boxes: Lost Fragments Gameplay Chapter 1 Walkthrough Tutorial (Android, iOS) #1

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➡️About this Game
Escape a lavish mansion full of mysterious puzzle boxes
As a legendary thief, your next assignment lures you into a grand and lavish mansion. There you find a series of puzzle boxes, designed for an unknown purpose.
Soon signs begin to emerge that you are no longer in control of what is unfolding, and perhaps never were. You start to doubt if this is an ordinary residence or a containment facility of some sort. What should have been a quick in-and-out, gradually turns into your own harrowing struggle for freedom and answers.
Inspired by the cryptic atmosphere, intricate machinery, and smooth controls of the best room escape games, we have created 20 original puzzle boxes that will test your resolve and skills to successfully navigate this mysterious and compelling journey. Each puzzle box is beautiful, unique, and a true delight to explore and figure out. Play the first 10 levels for free!
Genres: Puzzle
Platform: Android, iOS
Size: 861 MB
Publisher: Snapbreak
Release Date: Apr 21, 2024
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