Zombie State: Roguelike FPS (Gloomy Factory) - Gameplay Walkthrough (Android, iOS), Part 6

🎮 Gameplay:
                                           A set of characters that perfectly complements the skills of each hero. Use a combination of different abilities to become stronger in every battle and turn the tide against hordes of zombies. RICH ARSENAL OF WEAPONS AND EQUIPMENT
Complete missions to unlock a wide collection of powerful weapons and unique gear. Enhance the strength of your heroes with exclusive equipment and be the most survivable. WORLD FULL OF MONSTERS
Along the way, you will encounter zombies with a variety of mutations. Learn the habits of your enemies, find their weaknesses, and prevent the undead from delivering the final blow. Prepare to fight the most terrifying boss monsters! EXPERIENCE DIVERSITY IN EVERY REGION
No two levels are the same - explore various regions and game modes to see different locations attacked by zombies. APOCALYPSE SECRETS
This world has its own mysteries. Face new challenges to uncover the story behind the post-apocalyptic situation.

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