Nebula Rangers - Review

Nebula Rangers is a Multiplayer Roguelike game where you have to survive a horde of different monsters and online real time players
Multiplayer Action Roguelike first of all there are 4 modes and 4 Characters you can play PVPVE
1: Team Competitive
2: Strong Hold
3: Gold Rush
4: Wild Royal
You have to survive kill monsters Online players you get different skills, weapon props etc, There is a total time of 10 minutes who ever gets the highest score wins the round.
The graphics of this game is incredible you get Unreal engine 4 quality and a smooth gameplay on 60FPS and the character modeling I also awesome
[What I like?]
I have played this game for hours it was really fun and changeling Smooth Gameplay, amazing Graphics, Character modeling, Sound affect, Just needs some more content
[What I don't like]
First of all the controls are not well done the auto aim in not good to kill players and it gets really hard to hit the anime. And when you press the Dodge button the character gets stuck.
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