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Sword of Mystic Shu, the first open-world immortal cultivation game based on UE5, the third test on May 9 at 10:00 UTC+8 . This test only supports Android version. In the name of immortal cultivation, open the big world exploration experience.
This test is free to play, with many benefits, no deletion of files, and no opening of payment. Please enjoy playing.
Start time: May 9 10:00  UTC+8
Server name :[Dream Cicada]
Game Features
UE5 build, beautiful scenery; vast world cultivation, sword flying
Large package, rich gameplay; free trading, fast growth
Free profession, free BD, free PK, free exploration.
Free to play, lots of benefits, make the game together with the officials
New content
1. Skill output adjustment:
(1) Changed to equipment comes with skills, players can get the skills carried by the equipment after wearing the equipment.
(2) Only skills that match the weapon worn can be used, such as flying sword type skills, only when wearing a weapon like a flying sword can be used.
(3)Skill level is determined by the total level of the worn equipment carrying the skill, such as head and shoes are carrying a certain skill, respectively level 2 and level 3, the final level of the skill is level 5.
2. New skill interface:
(1) The skill interface has been reworked, and the performance corresponds more clearly to the skill division of different weapon types.
(2) Currently divided into five major skill systems: Flying Sword, Jade Flute, Heavy Sword, Rune Pen, and Arm Guard.
3. One key to switch genres: the game has many development modules such as feats, skills, magic treasures, equipment, etc. In order to facilitate players to flexibly switch their own BD genres, we have added a key to switch genres feature
(1)Players can save multiple sets of genre templates at the same time.
(2) The templates contain matching elements including: equipment, feats, skills, spirit roots, star rings, etc.
(3) After saving the genre template, players can quickly switch with one click.
4. Daily task function: new daily activities page in the Immortal Cultivation Calendar, covering hunting service, unveiling the list of tasks and other daily gameplay, which can help guide players to complete the daily gameplay and get rewards for completion.
5. Leaderboard Rewards: The new leaderboard rewards function allows players to receive regular rewards as long as they reach a certain rank. Specific rewards and ranking requirements can be viewed in the game's Leaderboard function.
1. Offline hang-up adjustment:
(1) Changed to offline real hang-up, that is, after players use the offline hang-up function, the character will be hosted by the system real, hang-up and fight monsters in the game world to obtain resources.
(2) Players can interact with the characters in the offline hangout, and even PK, but will be limited by PK protection (can't be PKed within one hour of starting hangout)
2. Spiritual Roots and Divine Veins Adjustment:
(1) Skill five attributes have been changed to be determined by the player's current main spiritual root. If the player's current main spiritual root is fire, then the skills are equipped with fire attributes
(2) The effectiveness of the divine vein has also been changed to be determined by the current main spiritual root. If the player's current main spiritual root is fire, only his fire-attribute divine vein will take effect.
3. Monster AI optimization: Subdivision of the mortal to the Transformation of God, different realms of monsters use different difficulty AI mechanism, so that players in the process of growth to experience the difficulty of the monsters more smooth.
4. Skill guide adjustment: the main line / demon extermination to remove the original skill placement, but instead of placing the corresponding equipment, and wear the equipment can be obtained after the corresponding skills
5. Other details optimization:
(1) increase the team to kill monsters can not get experience tips
(2) Add server name in front of speaker's name in cross-service chat.
(3) Add five elements of offense and defense information in the character interface.
(4) Add magic weapon skills to the main interface.
(5)Automatically cut the gossip card to close after teleportation.
(6) add the first time to get the talent guide
(7) Optimize the lag when the bazaar is opened.
Performance optimization:
For the first test user feedback, optimized the FPS of some models to improve the smoothness of the game. But still need RAM 8G, CPU 2.0GHz
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