Dark and Darker Mobile: New Beta Test Anticipated in June, Global Release Expected in Q4 2024

Krafton, the Publisher of  Dark & ​​Darker Mobile, conducted the first beta test in South Korea of the game for 5 days last April, and more than 50,000 participants were recruited for the test.
Now we know that the game to be launched in all global regions within the year after CBT in June and OBT in the third quarter.
About the Game
Dark and Darker offers an unforgiving first-person fantasy dungeon adventure where players must band together, master combat and magic, and navigate treacherous darkness to plunder ancient riches and escape with their lives.
Player Review of the First Close Beta Test
Dark and Darker Mobile presents a fresh take on the dark style gaming genre, offering players a compelling journey into shadowy depths. With its foreboding ambiance and rich visual detail, the game immerses players in a world filled with mystery and danger.
While featuring battle royale elements and challenging gameplay, including puzzles and navigation obstacles, its unique art style and evolving world keep players engaged and eager to explore further. If you enjoy dark-themed games with a twist, "Dark and Darker Mobile" promises an experience worth delving into.
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Ren Jisuka
Ren Jisuka
i cant wait, i love this gameplay
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