Elden Ring.And tbh it was one of my favourite games of recent years.

Elden Ring. Got chased into a gazebo by a 30ft tall bear. Gazebo has an elevator in it for some reason. The elevator just kept going down. When it stopped, I was in a dungeon. At the end of a dungeon was another elevator that took me to an entire new zone. Mind absolutely blown.
Also Elden Ring. Break an illusory wall, get a chest. Break an illusory wall behind the chest, find an entire new zone. What?
Also Elden Ring. Found a secret medallion that unlocks, you guessed it, an entire new zone. At the end of this zone is a town locked in a magical jail. Solve the secrets of the town, and you get a portal... to an entire new zone. At the end of that zone is the hardest boss in single-player gaming.
Elden Ring: We heard you liked secret zones, so we put secret zones in the secret zones.
Vishvasakthi R
Vishvasakthi R
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