Parthenope 3D | Android

It is a 3D Survival RPG inspired by famous titles, such as: Disco Elsysium and Pentiment.  It has a strong narrative power inspired by the novels of the Italian writer Elena Ferrante and the surrealism of the cinema of the director Paolo Sorrentino, all embellished by the narrative voice of an urgent Neapolitan artist: Sara Penelope Robin.  To survive it will be necessary to absorb Neapolitan skills and overturn one's origins in order to face an insidious and magnetic city such as NAPLES, extricating oneself from mythological figures and legends: Munacielli, Janare, Capere, etc.  celebrating the shadows and the extraordinary philosophy of a city that resembles another planet.. as #benedettocroce said "it is a paradise inhabited by devils".  It was presented at Comicon2024.
By AlessiaBNERD
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