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Game: Hero Raid Genre: Idle RPG Gameplay: https://youtu.be/GoN0r5mIomA Hero Raid: Idle RPG Save the continent of Fantasia, which is in danger! We need the heroes from all around the world. ▶ An adventure story that will excite you - The growth story of the main character, 'Red', a country boy. - A fantasy story with colleagues ▶ A well-aligned system with the storyline - Legendary Sword system that gathers strength to annihilate enemies - Mercenary Association that helps heroes more powerful ▶ Differentiating growth through job advancement - Defeat monsters at the Heroes' Foundation and gain new powers. - You can acquire new skills by growing into a warrior, knight, holy knight, or dragon knight. ▶ A guild where you can interact with other heroes - Various interactions through guilds! - Join forces with other heroes and take on raids! ▶ Super Fast Growth! - Enjoy that your Hero gets stronger day by day - Non-sleeping game! While you are sleeping, in-game goods are being collected. Wake up and get all items at once! Main Story Fantasia continent where various races coexist is unveiled. Meanwhile, a boy named 'Red' lived in a quiet rural village. One day, while passing through a burning forest, Red discovered monsters. As being strong from birth, he instantly annihilated the monsters and returned to the village. The worried villagers gathered in the square. The village chief announced the resurrection of the Demon King and said that the person who drew the sword in the center of the village would become a hero. The sword that wasn't budged by all others reacted strongly even before Red grabs it, and he just stared at the sword that was lifted in an instant. Red's fantasy story began without even being able to refuse! Hero Raid Idle RPG Soft Launch.
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