Sky Field Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2 (Android/iOS)

Sky Field Gameplay Walkthrough Part 2
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Welcome to my home, Let's have Fun
"Sky Field" -- Embark on a dream journey beyond reality.
◆Dream Universe
  Every bubble represents a unique dream. In these fantasy bubbles, hid many fun secrets to create a lifetime memory.
◆Sky Field
  Enter this fantastic bubble universe as your pure, playful childhood self.
◆Guided by Dream boys
  Meet Dream boys, the bubbles' native guide. They'll light the way, making every adventure a surprise-filled joyride.
◆Explore and Visit
  Adventure alone through unknown levels or visit friends' dreams. The fun and surprises never end.
Join us on this dream journey: Here, every story deserves to be heard and every dream is worth cherishing.
Sky Field, "Welcome to my home, Let's have Fun". We invite you to enter the dreamland, explore and have fun together.
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