Nova Principles - MMORPG Gameplay (Android/iOS)

Game Mode: Online
Total size: 3.66 GB
---------- 《Nova Principles》is a 3D MMORPG mobile game with an interstellar exploration theme. The game tells the story of a future world where Earth's resources are depleted. Navigators embark on an exploration journey to discover new habitable planets. Along the way, they engage in cunning battles with evil organizations, silently turning the gears of fate. Advance Server Launches at 9:00 AM, 05/16/2024 The game focuses on creating a multi-dimensional cooperative combat system, flexible and diverse combat modes, rich and exciting social content, intricate and realistic scene interactions, smooth and satisfying combat experience, and a vast and grand story background. It has everything you need to satisfy all your imaginations of exploring the stars! ==Game Features== 【Unique Starry Sky, Free Exploration】 ✦ Meticulously crafted mysterious alien worlds and macroscopic universe for you to explore freely;
✦ 3D free perspective to witness the vast and magnificent cosmic scenery. 【Cultivate and Evolve, Super High Energy】 ✦ Three types of magnificent super-powered lineups to cultivate as you wish, helping you come up with surprising tactics and achieve victory;
✦ Proper combinations and balanced cultivation lead to explosive combat power! 【Freedom to Change Professions, Rich and Diverse】 ✦ Various combat scenarios require different combat modes. Each basic profession has two career development directions that can be freely switched to meet diverse combat needs. The battlefield is under your control!
✦ Genetic awakening breaks through the limits of power! The entire starry sky is within your grasp! 【Exciting Battles, Infinite Combos】 ✦ Excellent sense of impact, every hit feels real; smooth controls, like flowing water;
✦ Flexible selection and combination of skills bring incredibly enjoyable fingertip experiences in every battle! 【Rich Social Interactions, No Longer Alone】 ✦ Experience genuine warmth in the vast starry sky, challenge world bosses with guild comrades, form bonds with loved ones, and let love fill the starry sky.
✦ Cross-server market for free trading, helping adventurers rise to the top!
Muhamad Ixbal
Muhamad Ixbal
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