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Back to the retro-futurist..
📖 Historical Notes: In the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century we thought about the future in a much more optimistic way than in our times due to the economic boom that involved both America and Europe and thus the union of the terms "retro" and " futurism" with the need to be able to easily identify a whole series of works characterized by futuristic (or "futuristic") visions chronologically moved backwards with a retro taste not to be confused with cyberpunk which has despotic settings compared to the utopian retro-futurist One of the greatest technological visionaries, representative of this current, was probably Norman Bel Geddes, with his work "Futurama" with technological highways, underground parking lots, floating airports, majestic skyscrapers and various means of magnetic levitation, etc sponsored by General Motors which had sought to show a vision of the world twenty years ahead (1960).
🎮 Gameplay: Includes a splendid selection of iconic retro magnetically leavened cars (Ford, Cadillac, DeLorean, etc.) that we can upgrade with fantastic power-ups simply by collecting coins on the long and winding tracks which will also be used to personalize them with logos, various colors and upgrades.  The more we race, the more we will have the opportunity to buy powerful cars.  Furthermore, it is packed with a wide variety of tracks that will test our driving skills;  there are even accelerators on the track which, if activated in sequence, will allow you to activate a hypersonic star-gate and overcome very fierce opponents.  As we progress, we will have to be faster and faster and qualify in first place to have a chance to compete against five other cars for first place!  The physics and dynamics offer an incredible sensation of speed, the same one we felt for Wipeout.  The included music and sound effects also play an important role in giving us a complete car racing experience.  It's packed with hours of fun but will require extraordinary skills to complete all the track objectives.
🕹️ Controls: The touchscreen controls are retractable, just tap on the left and right to tackle heart-pounding curves and what's more, especially on the straights, we can activate the nitro-turbo highlighted with two yellow flames on the sides of the display, these will fill with energy when we collect the power-ups.
🇮🇹 Personal Considerations: However, I (Ve) ask a question that arises spontaneously: in reality, if a car were made with this magnetic levitation technology, would you buy it?  I do.
By AlessiaBNERD
Kristyn Griffin
Kristyn Griffin
Kristyn Griffin
Kristyn Griffin
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