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Game: Journey Survivor Genre: Casual Gameplay: JOURNEY SURVIVOR GAME Journey Survivor: Defend, Survive, Conquer! Embark on an epic adventure in Journey Survivor, the ultimate vertical tower defense game. With easy controls, unique heroes, strategic choices, and charming graphics, protect your base and outsmart your enemies! Easy Controls Jump into the action with user-friendly touch controls. Command your heroes with simple taps and swipes for seamless gameplay. Unique Heroes Choose from a roster of heroes, each with special abilities. Upgrade skills and create the perfect team to fend off waves of enemies. Roguelike Strategy Enjoy fresh challenges with roguelike elements. After each battle, select from three random skills to enhance your hero’s abilities and adapt your strategy. Charming Art Style Delight in the game’s cute characters and vibrant landscapes. Relax with the cheerful design and stress-free gaming experience. Download Journey Survivor now and start your journey of strategy, adventure, and fun! Journey Survivor Early Access.
Дмитрий Пубанов
Дмитрий Пубанов
not bad but a lot of bugs. need wait
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