Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster sale will start on 23 Jan 2020! New trailer released

Today on Sep 9th, the Square Enix official announced that the action RPG "Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle Remaster" (PS4 / Nintendo Switch / iOS / Android) will be releasing on January 23, 2020. The PS4 / Switch version costs JPY¥4800 (excluding tax), and the iOS / Android version costs JPY¥2800 (tax included).
This title is a remastered version of the classic “Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle” released in 2003 for the Nintendo GameCube. In this remastered edition, many new elements are added, such as online multiplayer that supports cross-platform, high difficulty dungeon & boss that can be played after the main story cleared, and new character voices.
The latest TGS 2019 trailer has been released to coincide with the release date. Check out the new trailer below:▲ Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remaster TGS2019 Trailer
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Rubel Rana
Rubel Rana
D'to Feinz
D'to Feinz
Nice one, still waiting for english version :")
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