8/5 (Thu) Update Content - Part 2

Hello, Heirs!
This is GM Dominiel.
Let’s take a look at what we have in store for you in this week’s update.
Players will be able to view this update after the maintenance on Thursday, August 5.
For more information regarding the collaboration, please see this link. 
10. Episode 3-9. North Wintenberg」 Update
Ras and his friends arrive at Wintenberg with reinforcements from Ritania. However, their plan to contact the Dragons incognito ends in failure. 
While Ras persuades Lucius and confronts Mort, the others fight the Dragon Knights and Dragon Soldiers. 
Coming to see Schniel discreetly in the midst of all these events, Flan makes a completely unexpected suggestion...
[b]■ North Wintenberg Open[/b]
[How to Enter]
- Clear Episode 3 Chapter 8S Stage [8S-10. Valley of Resentment]
[Map Layout]
- Chapter 9, North Wintenberg, consists of 10 main stages including Labyrinth type stages and 6 optional stages.
- Chapter 9, North Wintenberg, has a total of 10 Quests that players will be able to complete.
- After clearing all 10 Quests in the chapter, players will receive 50 Skystone.
■ Wintenberg - AP Exchange
- Clearing stages in North Wintenberg will grant the player AP which can be used in this area’s AP Exchange.
[How to Open]
- Clear [9-10. Risky Cliff]
[How to Use]
- Players can receive AP in North Wintenberg and exchange their AP for items in the AP Exchange.
- The items that you can purchase in the Exchange shop will vary according to your Trust level of the nation you are currently in.
- In order to purchase certain items, players will have to increase their Trust level in that nation.
- Players can increase their Trust Level by completing Trust Missions.
- Following the addition of Chapter 9, North Wintenberg, 5 Trust missions will be added.
- The Trusted level in North Wintenberg AP Exchange will be unlocked.
- The NPCs’ dialogue will vary depending on the Trust Level in each nation.
- The Trust Level will be shared by NPCs in the same nation.
- There is a limit to the number of times players can purchase certain items in the Exchange Shop.
[Main Reward– Conqueror's Horned Helm]
■ Wintenberg <Trusted> Rewards
- Reaching 300 for the Trust Level in Wintenberg will allow the player to receive rewards.
■ Story Journal
- Chapter 9, [Fate at a Crossroad] will be added to the Episode 3 Story Journal.
- Players can receive the background pack, Scenic Spot in the North as a reward for clearing all the quests in Episode 3, Chapter 9.
■ Lucius NPC Added
- Following the addition of the NPC Lucius, the images of this NPC will be added to Chapter 4 Dragon Valley and Chapter 8S Dragon Valley of the Past in Episode 3.
11. Three New Exclusive Equipment
- New Exclusive Equipment for the 5★ Hero, Choux, and the 4★ Heroes, Assassin Cartuja, and Kitty Clarissa will be added to the Hall of Trials Exchange.
Players can obtain Exclusive Equipment from the Hall of Trials Exchange using Wisdom’s Gaze.
Exclusive Equipment stats and skill effects will be applied randomly after the equipment has been purchased.
■ Exclusive Equipment Information
[5 Choux]
[4 Assassin Cartuja]
[4 Kitty Clarissa]
■ Cost
■ The Exclusive Equipment of the 5★ heroes, Charlotte, Mort, and the 4★ Hero, Angelica will be added to the Alchemist's Steeple.
12. Luluca & Spirit's Breath Drop Rate Up
In this Drop Rate Up event, meet the Ice Elemental Mage, Luluca, who is capable of decreasing the enemies’ Defense and boosting allies’ viability. Players can also obtain the Mage-exclusive Artifact, Spirit’s Breath, designed for Mages who use non-attack skills frequently. 
■ Schedule
8/5 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/12 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
13. New 3 Heroes
5 Dragon Knights of Wintenberg will be added.
■ New 3 Heroes
The new Heroes Melany, Helen, Christy, Camilla, and Penelope will be available in Summon after the August 5 (Thu) maintenance.
■ 3 Melany
■ 3 Helen
■ 3 Christy
■ 3 Camilla
■ 3 Penelope
14. Other Improvements and Adjustments
■ Shop
[b][Limited-Time Collaboration Special Pack]
Special Packs for the collaboration will be available for purchase.
Please see the details of limited-time Collaboration Special Packs below.
- Sale Period: 8/5 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/19 (Thu) 02:59 UTC
- Eligibility: All players
- Purchase Limit: Once per account during the sale period
[MolaGora Value Packs]
A great opportunity to obtain MolaGoras and boost hero growth! MolaGora Value Packs will be available for purchase.
MolaGora Value Pack 1 and 2 provide 15 MolaGoras upon purchase and more as the player enhances Heroes.
- Purchase Limit: One Pack per account (Each Pack)
※ Players can meet the conditions to obtain additional rewards from the MolaGora Value Pack 1, and 2 after each purchase.
■ Heroes
- An issue where, in the Special Side Story, 「The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island,」 the level up effect was played after battles that the Lead Hero participated in will be fixed
■ Monster
- An issue in Episode 2, Chapter 10-7 where the game displayed an incorrect skill when Illusion of Rahel activates an additional skill with <Grim Reaper Strike>, will be fixed.
- An issue in Raid Labyrinth Azmakalis (Hell) where the activation conditions of Secretary Vera's Mystery of Life did not match the description will be fixed.
- An issue in 「The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island」 Chapter 3 stage [Cradle of Sin], where on any difficulty level, granted Immortality was not dispelled when all monsters except for the boss die and Sinful Angelica uses <Dark Salvation> will be fixed.
■ Adventure and Story
- A typo in the title of a hidden story in Episode 3 Chapter 6 will be fixed.
- Typos in the description of Greedy Symaqus's skill <Standardized Destruction> appearing in 「The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island」 Chapter 2 [Master's Lair] will be fixed.
- The description of the album unlock condition in 「The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island」 will be fixed to match the actual condition. (Clear the first stage in each chapter.)
- Certain typos in 「The Holy Order of the Blue Cross and the Mysterious Island」 will be fixed.
■ Battle
- Improvements will be made to the pre-battle and post-battle pages to provide clearer information on the main reward of the battle.
   ㄴ Information: Stage mission rewards, Initial clear rewards, etc.
   ㄴ Obtained rewards are listed separately in the [Obtainable Rewards] section on Battle Ready page.
- An issue where pre-battle pages failed to reflect the amount of Energy regenerated over time will be fixed.
■ World Arena
- An issue where the game displays "Please try again later." and logs a defeat when the player cancels matchmaking will be fixed.
■ Guild War
- An issue in Guild War, where the battle log page did not display Heroes' skins properly when defense teams include Heroes equipped with skins will be fixed.
- An issue in Guild War, where the game counted each attack twice will be fixed.
Adjustments will be made in Guild War so that the Global Server Hall of Fame will properly reflect players Victory Points.
■ Other
- An issue where [Connection] did not reflect the number of Heroes obtained from [Connection] properly will be fixed.
- Improvements will be made so that the remaining time for limited content is indicated in the lobby.
   ㄴ Indicates the remaining time when there is unlocked and uncompleted [Automaton Tower] with 48 hours or less remaining.
   ㄴ Indicates the remaining time when there is unlocked [Hall of Trials] without any scores logged with 48 hours or less remaining.
- An issue where the message "New Exclusive Equipment added!" was not displayed above the [Exchange] button after moving to Hall of Trials using a quick move function will be fixed.
- An issue where the message "NEW" was not displayed above newly added Exclusive Equipment after moving to Hall of Trials using a quick move function will be fixed.
- Improvements will be made so that the color of different grade items will be more distinguishing.
- An issue on several tablet devices including the iPad, where pop-up webpages were displayed in vertical mode instead of portrait mode will be fixed.
- An issue where a black screen was displayed when players opened the in-game web event page after experiencing the issue aforementioned above will be fixed.
- An issue where players were not able to tap and activate the ID/Password box on the login page in certain circumstances will be fixed.
- An issue where the game connected to the community page with the player's account logged out when tapping the Community button, will be fixed.
- An issue where an error page was displayed when moving to the community page and tapping the button to log in with a Google account will be fixed.
- An issue where the "Instant summoning complete." pop-up message was displayed when claiming a ready material in [Sanctuary > The Forest of Souls] will be fixed.
■ Compensation details regarding EXP, Gold, and Stigma acquisition errors that occurred after the Spirit Altar Reorganization
- Error Period: 7/22 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 7/22 (Thu) 13:40 UTC
- Eligible Players: All players who played through Spirit Altar during the error period.
- Compensation Details
   ① Compensation Distribution Period: 8/5 (Thu) after the maintenance ~ 8/19 (Thu) 03:00 UTC
   ② Compensation Receipt: Compensation will be sent to the mailbox within the distribution period. (Storage Period: 7 Days) 
   ③ Compensation Details: Unpaid rewards and additional compensation (EXP, Gold, Stigma)
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