I think one star is too many. Pitiful, lazy joke of a game. I don't understand why some one would put so little effort into developing something, do you not like making your games? Are you forced to make this at gunpoint? they're all recycled, already crap assets from another game already made by this developer(another lazy, clunky, incredibly glitchy pirate game that works exactly the same way). Sounds are inappropriate and randomly a fox makes a monster/zombie sound. the icons are all the same icons from the pirate game. the story is...nothing. the gameplay, could be ok if the game wasn't so 1 dimensional. any item you make is worn out almost immediately. This is the height of laziness. I don't understand why you made this. just make a real effort, or don't. the banner photos aren't even from the game! it's from a MISLEADING photo they already used in the pirate game. i feel like there are so many developers here like this. I can't really understand what is going through these people's heads. calling this an acceptable game is like using a bowling pin as a shovel. I hope you guys have day jobs. Making games is not for you.
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